Your Internet Freedom Is in Jeopardy- See How (Video)


(N.Morgan) Social media sites are taking a strong stance against what they refer to as Fake/ Satire websites and alt news by censoring content that meets their criteria.

The proposed crackdown on what Social Media Giants deem “fake” news began shortly after Hillary’s devastating loss to Donald Trump;

A victory which many Washington insiders was due in large part to the President Elects use of social media to spread his message and to connect with voters.

Both Facebook and Google have announced that they will be suppressing the searchability of phony news articles on their sites.

Google plans to cut off ad sales to sites that are considered misleading or fake, effectively cutting off revenue to these blacklisted sites.

Twitter followed suit on Tuesday by annoucing they would be updating their Mute option so users will be able to mute any content they don’t wish to view.

This targeted form of censorship could take away the Peoples’ power to share information quickily and to numberous people at once.

This is by design because the Elite want control our one form of free communication and dry up the information well, keeping people uninformed and ignorant.

Stripping us of our 1st Amendment right of free speech.

There is a way to thwart this tyrannical attempt at silencing the masses, by using other social media sites, such as Seen.Life.

In the video below, Dave Hodges host of the Common Sense Show explains the benefits of joining Seen.Life and finding like minded people to connect with.

Facebook has crossed the line of privacy by demanding passports, State IDs, or birth certificates to verify one’s identity.

Seen.Life doesn’t have such restrictions and allows its users to remain anonymous.

Just as with the election, the People need to show the Elite again that they will not comply with their agenda of taking away our freedom of speech or be herded into false beliefs and propoganda with their media lies.


Try Seen.Life, where freedom of speech is a highly valued right, and enjoy sharing information freely with others secure if the knowledge that your privacy is protected.

Sign up for Seen.Life today!




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