Militarized Cops Unleash Fury on Peaceful DAPL Protesters-Hundreds Injured and Trapped (Videos)


(N.Morgan)   The Water Protectors who are protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline have reported on live social media that they have been cornered on a bridge, with the North Dakota police smothering them with tear gas, soaking them with a water cannon, all while the temperature stands at a frigid 20 degrees.

The North Dakota police are also discharging concussion grenades into the unarmed crowd.

The protest is taking place on Highway 1806, just north of the main protest camp.

It has turned into a war zone and yet none of the main stream media outlets are reporting it.


Police Are Tear Gassing #NoDAPL Water Protectors, Using the LRAD, Stinger Grenades [VIDEO]

Police are tear gassing #NoDAPL water protectors, using the LRAD, stinger grenades, and firing less-lethal rounds into the crowd on Highway 1806 bridge in North Dakota.

One of our reporters had their press badge shot off when shot in the abdomen with a rubber bullet. 

Police have formed a line with armored vehicles, concrete barriers, and razor wire.

It is 27° and police have begun hosing down the unarmed crowd with a water cannon.

Water protectors are using a semi truck in an attempt to remove burnt military vehicles which the police chained to concrete barriers weeks ago to keep the bridge blocked on 1806.  Unicorn Riot 

Unarmed water protectors use shields and gas masks to protect themselves from police onslaught.

While documenting, Unicorn Riot journalist was shot in the abdomen with a rubber bullet and their press badge was blown to pieces.


Blockade on Hwy 1806 Just North of Oceti Sakowin Camp [VIDEO]

Check 1hr 11mins to see projectile fired into water protectors from police and national Guard.

It catches ground on fire and while the water cannon is being used to soak peaceful water protectors another group of water protectors stamp out the fire to prevent it spreading. 

This shows the story of water cannons to put out fires to be untrue. Kevin Gilbertt

UPDATE FROM OCETI SAKOWIN MEDIC – 4 rubber bullet wounds, Standing Rock EMT is on the ground [VIDEO]

4 rubber bullet wounds, Standing Rock EMT is on the ground, and medic is working very hard to keep Water Protectors warm and treat their wounds. Indigenous Rising Media



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