Is Strange Radio Transmission Warning of Impending Trump Assassination? (Videos)

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(N.Morgan) This election year has been one of the strangest in recent history.

Many people have come to believe that the election process is rigged and that the nominee has already been selected by the Elites.

Speaking of strange, NATURAL BORN CITIZEN reported that he witnessed a strange audio transmission that went out this morning at 7 A.M. on the New Jersey Turnpike, from station 1630 AM.

The transmission kept repeating over and over, Trump will go 26th.

This went on for at least 5 minutes, according to NATURAL BORN CITIZEN.

It is well known that the Clintons don’t like competition and have their eye on being in the White house once more.

There is an extensive list of other people who had gotten in their way and all met untimely and often bizarre deaths.

There has been some speculation as to whether one of their victims was JFK Jr, who had been eyeing the New York Senate seat and had been serioulsy disccussing the posibilty of running that year, he wanted the seat Hillary ended up winning that election instead.

JFK Jr. was a practiced pilot who died in a plane crash that also killed his wife.

Is Trump going to be another name added to the Clinton’s long kill list?

The date given in the transmission consequently happens to be when the first presidential debate is to take place.

Trump has been an incendiary figure since his campaign began a year ago.

It has been reported that threats of violence against him personally have prompted him to wear a bulletproof vest at rallies.

During a conversation with Fox Business’ Maria Bartiromo back in June, Trump was asked about a British teenager who was arrested at his Las Vegas rally after he tried to grab a police officer’s gun in order to shoot the real estate mogul.”

Trump said that his Secret Service agents didn’t tell him about what Michael Sanford said during his arrest, and that he ended up finding out on his own while watching the news.

Trump was nonchalant about the assassination near-attempt and he offered his usual praise to the police and bodyguards who maintain order at his events.

The Real Revo offers an interesting perspective that correlates with the first debate and how Clinton may want to dodge it.

Really, the question is whether she will take part in the debate next week.

She has to be dreading it.

She can not deal with Donald Trump’s energy or his followers.

The moderating team is on her side but if they interrupt too often to protect her it will be gleefully pointed out by Donald Trump.

Her handlers have been treating her with chemicals, including alcohol, to allow her to perform at rallies.

If they do that for the debate she will appear drugged or drunk.

She believes herself entitled.

Anything that challenges that creates a screaming fit according to people who know.

If that happens during live television her tourettes tendencies will kill her campaign.

Is her camp dreading this debate so much that they are planning to eliminate her opponent? ?

Assassination has been utilized since the beginning of time to get rid of the competition and to ensure a win, even if the win is by default.

This is a very strange time in history.

The United States has borne many changes and is seemingly on the cusp of another great change.




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