Illuminati Ritual: Why Are NFL Pro Football Players Boycotting? (Videos)

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(N.Morgan) By now those of us who are awake and are enlightened in a good way know that the Illuminati love using large events with millions of viewers watching to promote their Satanic symbolism.

When suddenly the NFL becomes a political platform for boycotting the National Anthem, American Flag and other traditions of this once great nation, you have to ask yourself who or what is behind this movement.

The recent and ongoing “Farce” of this so-called football player Colin Kaepernick and today’s announcement by the Seattle Seahawks, exist solely because we as a people, and that means, All Americans, have Boycotted our rights to show discontent and objection to those, we the people, are offended by.

Some will make declaration in their ignorance, that they have a right to protest”,…..and yes they do,…..BUT……., what we never discuss is that ALL rights come with responsibilities also.

Is it a responsible action to protest at a game where many veterans may be attending, along with our “First responders?

When you decide to sit, instead of stand, who do you serve and how does your “protest” do nothing more than anger people who “pay your salary”??

How many Black people were shot by Police at a Football game, and why aren’t you angry at the Ghettos where Crime is the most frightening result that comes from such a environment??

Where is your protest for the 93% of Blacks Killing Blacksin their own neighborhoods?

If you watch, you can also see them foreshadowing upcoming events through these Satanic produced ritualistic telecasts from past Super Bowl half time shows.

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