Elites Want to Silence Assange and Wikileaks (Video)

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(N.Morgan) Will Julian Assange be another name on the ever growing death list of Hillary Clinton?

There has once again been a rash of odd and unexplained deaths among Clinton’s many adversaries and political opponents.

So it wouldn’t be much of a surprise if Assange could be the next on the  list, since he holds key evidence that would prove Hillary was not only involved in, but actively engaged in criminal shenanigans.

In the aftermath of the devastating email-hacking incident involving top Democratic party officials, WikiLeaks is preparing to release new information “on a range of important issues.”

According to organization founder Julian Assange, WikiLeaks is now immersed in formatting the information to be easily accessible to journalists and the general public.

In retaliation for what occurred at the DNC, the Ecuadorian government has come under extreme pressure to force Assange from their London embassy.

Ecuador granted Assange asylum in 2012 and the Wikileaks founder has been staying in their London embassy ever since. British officials promise his arrest should Assange leave the sanctuary of the embassy.

Since the DNC emails were released the Ecuadorian government has come under pressure to censor Assange.

Ecuador govt under serious pressure to censor Assange over #DNCLeak & criticism of Clintonhttps://t.co/GYrYbdHyhd & https://t.co/x9zN4NKdof

— WikiLeaks (@wikileaks) August 8, 2016

ElComercio.com reported:

It happens that the author of the mess is none other than the person to whom Ecuador has granted asylum and protection for more than four years. I was the first to say that Assange has, like all human beings, inalienable rights that must be respected.

However, an asylee also has obligations can not ignore. should not “perform acts that disturb the public peace or tend to participate or influence political activities” and also must respect and not harm their acts to the country that decided asilarlo.

Unfortunately, Ecuador has not set any limit to the conduct of Assange and allowed to violate his refugee status and who seek asylum taunt. His latest interference in US policy could have consequences worldwide, of which Ecuador, Assange protector, will not leave unscathed.

If London has refused to closer ties with Ecuador, because of Assange, Washington is expected to react in the same way. And the United States is our best commercial customer! I said that, once granted asylum, Ecuador is bound to keep.

However, given the gruesome performances Assange undoubtedly violate his refugee status should be considered whether its conduct, taken to the extreme, it is a good reason for Ecuador to end such asylum.

In the video below Judy Woodruff interviews Assange for details.


More DNC information to come, says WikiLeaks founder [VIDEO]




PBS NewsHour




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