12 Days on a Banana Only Detox Diet: See the Results (Video)

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(N.Morgan) Nutritionist and motivational coach Yulia Tarabath decided to try a mono fruiting diet that only consisted of bananas and is sharing the results of her dietary experiment. Having trouble maintaining her workflow, diet and being a wife at the same time she made the decision to try something different. Testing all the benefits of the banana to the limit she decided to eat nothing but bananas for the next 12 days.

So, what was her experiment?

Most nutritionist will tell you that eating one food for every meal during the day is not recommended. They’ve concluded that you won’t be able to get the other nutrients your body needs. But if you are very well prepared, this experiment could have a positive effects. Just as Yulia claims to have positive results.

She even enlisted her husband, Paul, to take part in her experiment.

Mono fruiting is a diet that involves eating only one type of fruit. You can do mono fruit fasting for extended periods. The fruit supplies organic water that bathes the body cells allowing them to cleanse themselves. It is easier for organic water to enter and exit the cells, bringing nourishment coming in and waste products going out.

Listen for yourself in the video below about Yulia’s amazing results. She states mono-fruiting isn’t dangerous, but it is hard for some people to stick to and not to get discouraged if you are unable to maintain this diet.


12 Days On A Banana Only Detox Diet:See The Results [VIDEO]







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