10 Plants That Naturally Repel Mosquitoes (Video)

(N.Morgan) One of the things that can ruin a nice summer day or evening are Mosquitoes.

The annoying buzzing around and awful bites that leave you with an itchy trail of discomfort.

In this article, we will discuss 10 plants you can grow that naturally repel Mosquitoes and can make your summertime fun more enjoyable.

As we know it is that time of year again – mosquito time!
Chances are, you have heard of many of the plants that naturally repel mosquitoes and many pests.
And, best of all, they can be found at your local nursery.
Using plants to deter pesky insects is an easy, safe and natural alternative to store-bought sprays and chemicals.


1. Citronella
This is one I think everyone is familiar with.
Citronella should be planted outside after your last frost.
If you are planting in pots, you can move it outdoors to your porch so it can repel pesky mosquitoes in the springtime.
 This plant loves a little afternoon shade and rich, most soil.
Citronella is known as the mosquito plant because the citronella scent is infused into many candles and sprays.
Keep this one near your doorway to keep flying insects outside.
2. Lavender
Lavender is one of those plants that serves a pletheria of medicinal purposes and can be used to combat Mosquitoes as well.
Lavender is a perennial plant that requires full sun; however, it prefers to live in pots with rich soil that isn’t kept too moist.

It makes a beautiful companion for any porch with is beautiful light purple, pink or white flowers.
 Both the leaves and the flowers are not appreciated by insects or unwanted foragers.
3. Marigold
Marigolds offer a distinctive smell which mosquitoes, and some gardeners, find particularly offensive.

Marigolds contain Pyrethrum, a compound used in many insect repellents.

These beautiful plants prefer full sin and fertile soil.
Although you can plant them from seeds, they are much easier to purchase at your local garden center.

Position potted marigolds near entrances or windows to deter mosquitoes.
Besides repelling mosquitoes, marigolds can be planted near your garden as they repel insects that prey on young tomato plants.
4. Pennyroyal
Pennyroyal leaves and stems can be carried with you to deter insects.

An added bonus to pennyroyals is that they also deter fleas and ticks from your pets.

Be careful, you might find your animals digging them up or rolling around in your protected areas as pets seem to know how beneficial this plant can be.
Be sure you don’t consume the oils from pennyroyal plants as it can be toxic to humans.
5. Garlic
From pests to vampires, garlic is known for keeping unwanted prey away.

Garlic’s ability to deter unwanted insects has been scientifically proven, although the exact component is unknown.
This pungent herb may keep more than just the insect away if you aren’t careful so be sure you keep too much around.
6. Peppermint
Mints in general have a distinct aroma that naturally repels insects.

Mint is a very hardy and prolific plant that grows well in a potted environment.

You can pick the mint leaves and rub them on your skin for added protection.

 Let’s face it – you’d probably rather smell like mint than garlic, both have additional health benefits.
Mint comes in many varieties including chocolate mint, peppermint, apple mint, lemon mint and many others.
7. Lemongrass
Lemongrass has a sweet lemony aroma that insects detest.

It can also calm nerves, promote restful sleep, and reduce digestive distress, but keeping biting bugs at bay is enough of a benefit.
You can plant this in pots around your porch and keep it near your home entrances.
For a quick relief from insects (if you venture off the porch), crush up a handful of leaves and keep them in your pocket or rub them on your skin.
8. Catnip
Most cat lovers know this herb, but the pungent smell is also offensive for mosquitoes.

Start catnip by sowing seeds in pots or your garden.
This herb of the mint family will grow in almost any soil in full sun.
Catnip can grow 3-5′ tall so don’t plant this one where you have limited space.
9. Basil

Basil can be grown in an herb garden or in pots on your porch.

To keep insects away from your body, crush a handful of leaves and put them in your pocket or rub them on your skin.

For best results, try lemon basil or cinnamon basil.

These emit a stronger scent.

The added bonus, like garlic and rosemary, you can use the basil in your favorite recipes.

If you have an overabundance of mosquitoes, don’t underestimate them.

Using natural plants is a safe and effective way to ward off the insects, but sometimes additional protection of sprays may be necessary.

Use caution especially in areas where West Nile and other diseases are found.






Rid Produce of Parasites and Pesticides With This Simple Trick (Video)

(N.Morgan) In today’s world, our environment is constantly being bombarded with pesticides used in farming and ultimately it is affecting our health and the quality of our food.

One issue we face when consuming our favorite fruits and vegetables is whether they`re completely free of pesticides, chemicals and other dirt that can be found on their skin and peel.

Not to mention these pesticides may also be responsible for the Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) we’ve seen in the bee world in recent years.

So how can we ensure our food is as clean and pesticide/parasite free as possible?

One natural and simple solution is using Apple Cider Vinegar as a cleansing agent..

I’ve discussed in previous articles the amazing uses for this miracle vinegar.

From hair care, to medical care, this vinegar is an all around champion of health.

How to Clean Fruits and Vegetables 


– 8 cups of water

– 2 Tablespoons apple cider vinegar


1.  Fill a large bowl with about 8 cups of water. Add in 2 Tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and your fruits and vegetables. 

2. Let sit for about 15 minutes.  After 15 minutes, gently scrub, rise, dry and enjoy!

The video below demonstrates the proper way to cleans fruits and veggies and to kill off any parasites and pesticides that are on the produce.

Using the activated charcoal will destroy any residue of pesticides that are still lingering on your produce.

The ACV will kill parasites and their larvae.

The soak should be 10 minutes each. Wash produce between soaks…


How To Properly Wash Fruits And Veggies To Kill Parasites [VIDEO]





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The Funniest Dog Shaming Pictures And Videos Ever! (Videos)

(N.Morgan) Our pets are apart of our daily lives, adding joy, being companions and in this case, bringing us laughs when they do things they know they aren’t suppose to do or they are just being funny.

This is a collection of some of the funniest Dog Hall Of Shame photo montages and videos of naughty and comical dogs I’ve seen in awhile!

I had to share these, because they were just too funny!

If you need of a good laugh, here you go!



These dogs just committed heinous crimes but have no idea why they’re being shamed. Hopefully they’ve learned their lesson but we’ll love them regardless.



























(All images credit)

Doctors Told Him To Leave His Owners Hospital Bed, Wait Until You See The Dogs Reaction (Video)

(N.Morgan) Dogs are known for their never ending love and devotion to their owners.

A love so deep and true, they will gladly die for you, if it means keeping you safe.

I can speak from first hand experience how much a dog can help one recover from illness.

In this heart warming and sweet story from WorldTruthTV, we meet Denali, who loves his daddy so much, he is unable to leave his bedside, during an illness wiith Cancer.

WorldTruthTV: The video featured below has been titled “Denali.” It is a heartwarming story told from the perspective of a dog.

It’s a beautiful display of companionship, love, and gratitude. It is the story of a photographer and surfer Ben Moon and his dog Denali.

Mid 2004, Ben was diagnosed with aggressive stage 3 cancer. During his entire hospital stay, Denali never left his side.


He even refused to leave his hospital room. Ben went through countless surgeries, treatments, and appointments with Denali by his side.

The dog played a huge part of Ben’s recovery. Denali died when he was nearly 15 year old.

In order to celebrate his life, share this video with your family and friends!





Inexpensive and Healthy Way to Make Your Own Raw Organic Apple Cider Vinegar (Video)

(N.Morgan) The innumerable health benefits of apple cider vinegar are undeniable.

This common kitchen staple can boost your health on a multitude of levels.

It has incredible benefits for the body,both on the inside as well as on the outside.

Although often times added in cooking recipes,such as soups and salads, apple cider vinegar can also be used in many natural remedies to treat a number of ailments including indigestion, heartburn, inflammations, infections.

This is one of the main reasons you should always keep some ACV on hand and in your pantry.

You can always go to the supermarket and buy a bottle of organic ACV, the best and safest option is to make your own raw organic vinegar at home.

This way you’ll reap most of its health benefits and not have to be concerned about unwanted or unhealthy cheimcals and other ingredients being added.

The preparation is extremely simple and as well as easy on the wallet.


organic apples


Wash the apples thoroughly then either cut them into cubes or slices, whichever is your preference.

Place the apples in a glass jar adding a bit of sugar (1% sugar of the apple weight, i.e. 10g sugar to 1kg apples).

The sugar is essential for the fermentation process and will completely be lost in the final product.

Fill up the jar with water, cover with gauze and leave in room temperature of about 20°C.

In 7-10 days the jar will start releasing a sour odor.

As the smell grows stronger, it is suggested to keep the jar in another room besides the kitchen.

In one month your homemade ACV will be ready.

You will be able to taste the sourness of the vinegar.

When the AVC is ready, strain the liquid through gauze and store in sterilized glass bottles.

If you prefer your ACV a bit more sour, leave it to sit a few extra days before straining.

The video below also gives instructions on how to make AVC at home.


How To Make Raw Organic Apple Cider Vinegar ~ Raw, Vegan, Paleo, AIP Recipe [VIDEO]





Censorship Hitting Epidemic Proportions on Social Media (Videos)

(N.Morgan) The issue of censorship has become a hot topic recently on social media. There are many people who claim their social media accounts, whether on Facebook or Twitter, have been unfairly targeted and censored because of their political beliefs and/or statements they and others make on the social media platform.

The video below discusses and gives examples of censorship on Twitter.

In a recent censorship twist by Twitter, Breitbart News claims Twitter is now using the same “Shadow Banning” censorship technique that Facebook does. Breitbart News went on to claim Twitter also possesses another technique which uses a White List and/or a Black List to censor accounts.

According to a source inside the company, Twitter maintains a whitelist of accounts that are being provided a particular privilege, service, mobility, access or recognition. Twitter also maintains a blacklist of accounts that are denied, unrecognised, or ostracised.

Breitbart reported that a senior editor at a major digital publisher confirmed the Twitter information, cautioning that he feared his own tweets might be blocked if he attracted the company’s ire for speaking out on the issue and exposing the truth.

Under Stealth banning (also called Shadow banning, Hell banning, Coventry or ghost-posting) is a practice used by managers of some online communities, the action taken to block content added by spammers and Internet trolls. It is also used to block the content of other individuals whose interests do not coincide with that of a manager or the community. It lets the content be blocked through hiding of the individual’s contributions from public view but leaves the individual’s account active and the actual contributions visible to the individual.

The examples go on and on. Your freedom of speech is being chipped away daily.

Seen.Life is a new alternative social media, no censorship, free press.

On Seen.Life, you also don’t have to worry about how fast you post or being banned.

You don’t like Trump, you can post about your distain for him openly, without worry.

Don’t agree with Obama’s foreign policy?

Post about it and your posts will be seen by the entire community.

On Seen.Life your opinion is valued as free speech.

Another great thing about Seen.Life is there is absolutely no DATA gathering, your personal information will never be shared with anyone, unlike Facebook and Twitter.

No Photo ID or phone number required.

You are able to be completely anonymous !

Join today!  https://seen.life/frontpage





Memes by Alton Parrish




The Best Way To Prevent Lung Cancer They Don’t Want You To Know About (Video)

(N.Morgan) When lung cancer invades the body, there typically aren’t any symptoms until it reaches the advanced stages. As the disease progresses, the symptoms one will experience are coughing, wheezing, shortness of breath and bloody mucus start to appear. The mainstream medical treatments includes surgery, chemotherapy, and/or radiation.

A healthy diet may not be able to cure or treat lung cancer, however it can lower the risk of developing the disease as well as help a patient manage the symptoms once it develops. Plus, a balanced, nutrient-dense diet can raise the chances of successful cancer treatments and prevent some side effects, like undesirable weight loss.

Typically lung cancer and smoking go hand in hand. If you chain smoke there are several ways to cleanse your lungs of tar and toxins, thus reducing your risk of illness.

 1. Inhaling oils

Inhaling essential eucalyptus, peppermint, rosemary or thyme oil 2-3 times a week is an excellent way to quickly cleanse the lungs of toxins and excess mucus. Simply heat some water in a saucepan and add a few drops of natural essential oils in it. Inhaling the hot steam with essential oils also relaxes the muscles in your body and immediately relieves breathing problems. This method should not only be used for lung detoxification, but also in cases of influenza, common cold, bronchitis, laryngitis and other respiratory ailments.

2. Dietary change

Like any other type of cleansing, lung cleansing includes dietary changes. A healthy diet is important because it stimulates the natural cleaning mechanisms of the body and strengthens the immune system. It is also highly recommended to consume lots of water, fruits and vegetables.

Magnesium is a mineral that is particularly suitable for people suffering from asthma. It can significantly increase lung capacity. The easiest way to get this mineral is by consuming seeds, nuts and beans. Selenium is another powerful antioxidant, and Brazil nuts are the best food source of selenium. It is also found in some types of fish such as tuna, salmon and cod, but also in lamb, eggs and cereals.

Here are other foods that boost lung capacity include:


Hot food such as chili helps to break down excess mucus in the lungs. This is why you immediately get a runny nose when you eat spicy foods. In the same way this food acts on excess mucus and tar in the lungs, helping your body to make eliminate them more easily.



Plain water is the best body cleanser! Try to avoid soft drinks, coffee and alcohol. Good hydration is essential for overall health and accelerates the elimination of toxins from the body.

Garlic And Nettle

Garlic has widely recognized for its therapeutic properties owing to the number of health-boosting nutrients it contains, including allicin. It’s a powerful antioxidant that prevents the onset of many diseases, including cancers and infections of the lungs. It efficiently breaks down mucus and flushes toxins from the body. Nettle on the other hand is abundant in iron and is a strong lung disinfectant.

Grapefruit, Apples And Pomegranate

The flavonoids in these fruits are highly beneficial for lung cleansing. Apples are another fruit that has similar effect on lungs. Pomegranate on the other hand contains many antioxidants which slow down the development of lung diseases, including lung cancer.

Sweet Corn

This is a food that contains beta-cryptoxanthin, which is thought to protect lungs from cancer because it is a powerful antioxidant. However, this food undergoes a lot of genetic modification, so make sure the sweet corn you are buying is organic.


As a natural remedy and food, ginger helps defend against malicious diseases. This is another powerful tool for the elimination of toxins from the lungs. You can either drink ginger tea made from fresh ginger root or add a piece of ginger to your meals.

Tea Made From Pine Needles

Although traditionally used as a mouth and throat rinse, Pine Needle Tea can be a great ally in the fight against lung cancer.

Discover the best cancer fighting foods in this controversial video below:


Cancer Fighting Foods They Don’t Want You To Know About [VIDEO]