World Renowned Doctor Reveals How To Cure Your Body Of Every Disease (Video)

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N.Morgan) Thomas Parr was an Englishman who it was said to have lived to be 152 years old.

He lived a long, full live, some parts were filled by tragedy, but he managed to overcome those obstacles and became a man that legends are made of.

Records vary, but Parr was allegedly born around 1483 in the parish of Alberbury, Shropshire. He had two children, both of whom died in infancy.

He existed and even thrived on a diet of “subrancid cheese and milk in every form, coarse and hard bread and small drink, generally sour whey”, as William Harvey wrote. … “On this sorry fare, but living in his home, free from care, did this poor man attain to such length of days”.

A diet of green cheese, onions, coarse bread, buttermilk or mild ale (cider on special occasions) and no smoking kept Thomas healthy.

His recipe for long life was reputed to be “Keep your head cool by temperance and your feet warm by exercise.

Rise early, go soon to bed, and if you want to grow fat [prosperous] keep your eyes open and your mouth shut”.

Parr purportedly had an affair when he was over 100 years old and fathered a child born out of wedlock. After the death of his first wife, he married his child’s mother at the alleged age of 122.

Here is the longevity regimen as prescribed by Old Parr:

Look into the sun after sunrise or before sunset. Start with 10 seconds daily, then increase the amount of time for 10 seconds each day. Stand barefooted on the ground or concrete while looking at the sun.

Drink water without fluoride or filter for reverse osmosis. Natural spring water should be best. Pour some water in glass bottles, and leave it exposed to the sun for a few days to make it absorb solar energy. Do not leave it outside overnight.

Exercise outside on fresh air every day. This is one of the best methods for detoxification.

Take a deep fresh breath of fresh air in the morning and evening for at least 20 minutes.

Go to sleep between 10 PM and 2 AM. The body secretes hormones during that period. Track the sun rhythm too.

Replace store-bought cosmetics with natural ones.

Consume fresh, raw fruits and vegetables.

Remove artificial sweeteners from your diet.

Don’t drink alcohol, black tea, chew gum or drink and eat canned food and drinks. Don’s smoke as well.

Be always positive with a smile on your face. It will accelerate secretion of therapeutic hormones.

Don’t speak or act negatively about yourself or others. Act healthy.

Be forgiving – this rids you of hatred and anger which have negative effect on the secretion of hormones and damage our overall health. Forgive others to help yourself.

Mental disease can be treated with raw plants and sun.

The ideal diet consists of raw plants, specialists say.

Consume fresh fruits and vegetables and eat a small amount of previously soaked almonds or walnuts. It is recommended to consume two tablespoons of flaxseed oil daily alongside two tablespoons of powdered fresh linseed.

The video below also gives more ideas and dietary tips for living to be 100 years old.


Diet Secret for Living Past 100: What Does Science Know About Longevity and Nutrition?



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