4 Clear Warning Signs Your Body Is Filled With Toxins (Video)

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(N.Morgan) In today’s world, people are becoming more health conscious and want to live longer, more vibrant lives.

Our bodies are made up of miraculous systems that will let us know when one part isn’t working quite the way it should be.

Each part, each unique system, has it’s own warning signs and symptoms, to let the brain know there is a malfunction somewhere in the system disrupting the delicate balance which must be maintained.

When some foreign agent arrives and invades that sensitive system, our bodies give very clear signs that something is occurring which should not be happening.

The liver eliminates from our bodies the toxins which we ingest daily through diet.

We will discuss four of the more major signs indicating your body may have been invaded by toxins.

1.Physiological needs 

If you are going to the bathroom frequently, this could be a clear signal that there are toxins present in your body

Don’t let this alarm you, as this is the normal process used by the body to eliminate toxins which have accumulated there, and clear the way to better health.
To help this process, we must be sure to drink plenty of water and herbal teas, along with adding probiotics that will improve the intestinal micro flora and help the body eliminate toxins faster.
2. Unpleasant breath
Bad breath isn’t just a social embarrassment, but could be a warning sign of an oral cavity. The bacteria from the untreated cavity can not only give you bad breath, but the saliva you swallow containing this bacteria can result in gastrointestinal issues.

When no cavity is involved, you might just need to include cleaning your tongue in you dental hygiene schedule. In order to get rid of bad breath, you need to brush your tongue with a toothbrush. Also add a natural breath freshner; chew on some parsley.

3. Continuous accumulation of excess weight

There can be several reasons you are unable to lose excessive weight, including hormones, improper diet and, of course, an excess amount of toxins in the blood.

Some toxins, such as pesticides, bind to fats in the body and the body’s ability to normally release these toxins is disabled.

Maintaining a healthy diet, taking better care of your overall health and periodic detoxing in a healthy, gentle way, can ensure you will soon begin to lose that pesky unwanted weight.

4. Smell sensitivity

If certain smells really bother you, such as perfume or smoke, this sensitivity could be caused by toxins in the body.

When the body has an accumulation of toxins, and is unable to eliminate through the normal processes of the liver, it will often become hypersensitive to smells.

Your airways are clogged, and this is your body reactin to the condition.

It can also result in a sharpening of the senses (sensitivity), and result in negative physical responses including headaches or nausea.

Tea made of dandelion flowers can help, and can boost the process of detoxification.

Also, using castor oil can be a great help when it comes to fighting the toxins in your body.






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