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Russian Caller: Jade Helm Is Preparations For Financial Collapse Like Soviet Union In “1989” (Videos)

  (N.Morgan) The internet and conspiracy forums have been abuzz with the prospect of what the Jade Helm 15’s true mission is. A Russian citizen makes a surprise call to the Alex Jones Show and exposes what could very well be the true purpose behind this military exercise on American soil.   The caller claims in the video below that Jade Helm is in preparation for the impending financial collapse and to […]

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We Will Not Forget

Originally posted on AlternativeNewsToMe1:
By Denise Pictou Maloney ? Approx. 39 years ago today Annie Mae Pictou Aquash began her 48 hour death march. AIM members John Graham, Arlo Looking Cloud, and Theda Nelson Clark acting on AIM leadership orders bound and kidnapped Annie Mae from the house of Troy Lynn Yellowwood while Troy Lynn, Angie Janis and others looked on. ? ? ? ? Words from the Editor and…

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