Warning Urgent: “All Crime Pipeline” Where Hard Hitting News, Alternative News, Disinfo And Criminal Elements Inform You”


Fusion Laced Illusions - Alternative News - Independently Curated - "All News All The Time"

Stefan sex offender pic.

The internet can be a place where information can flow freely and voluntarily and for the most part you put aside the idea of where exactly the information actually comes from. Most people only care about the fact that they have found it somewhere on some web site and are given the option to “LIKE'” it and “Share” it.  Well, to be more exact, there are alot of sites that hire subcontractors that actually produce the articles that you read on a daily basis. Most, If not all, will try to draw you in with a few tricks that you might not be aware of and of course like any other field of expertise there exists competition. Others who are vying for your attention with the same information. The question that really should cross your mind whenever you are researching or just browsing around is, is the person who produced…

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