We Will Not Forget


By Denise Pictou Maloney


Approx. 39 years ago today Annie Mae Pictou Aquash began her 48 hour death march. AIM members John Graham, Arlo Looking Cloud, and Theda Nelson Clark acting on AIM leadership orders bound and kidnapped Annie Mae from the house of Troy Lynn Yellowwood while Troy Lynn, Angie Janis and others looked on.






Words from the Editor and Owner of alternativenewstome



We stand in unity with the Pictou family and will continue to report and expose the crimes committed by the organization known as AIM – American Indian Movement. Denise, along with her sister Deborah, are fighting for justice for their mother, Annie Mae Pictou, who was murdered by the members of AIM, when they were children.

Annie was shot in the back of the head, execution style and left to die in the Bad Lands. Annie Mae was the light that NDN Country needed at the time, for dark forces were beginning to take hold of the communities.

Annie Mae was going to expose the head AIM members, of the time, for their various habits and practices, such as sex with very underage girls, drugs, domestic abuse of women and other acts of violence. These members are: Russell Means, Dennis Banks, Clyde Bellcourt, Vernon Bellcourt, Leonard Peltier, David Hill,John Graham, Arlo Looking Cloud, and Theda Nelson Clark etc.

When Annie Mae confronted the group about their misdeeds, she was then viewed as a problem to be disposed of.

The leaders of AIM then began to cause doubt about Mrs. Pictou amidst the community. They began to make others believe Annie Mae was a Fed or a snitch. Their objective was to make others no longer trust her. Mrs. Pictou has believed that the members of AIM were her friends and instead, they were her executioners and rapists.


We stand in complete solidarity in the pursuit for justice for Annie Mae Pictou Aquash and Ray Robinson, a disciple of Dr. Martin Luther King and who gave up his own struggles to help NDN country, at the height of the civil rights movement.


Mr. Robinson who should be valued as a hero among us, one to be admired for his commitment to social justice was instead treated like a dog by the very ones he was trying to help. The higher ups in AIM treated Ray the same way they were treated and fighting against, supposedly. Ray was also aware of the crimes the big boys in AIM had committed.


Mr. Robinson was shot in the legs and left to die in a closet, during the siege of Wounded Knee II. The location of his remains are still unknown and the ones who hold the knowledge to their whereabouts are Dennis Banks, Leonard Peltier, Clyde Bellcourt, and the rest of the now elderly AIM.

Mr. Robinson’s daughter and wife are waiting for him to be brought home and we will continue to help in the search for the location of his remains. So that they may be returned to his family for a proper burial.


We will not forget. It has been reported about the murmurs among the AIM supporters that these families should shut up and give up. Let it go, as it were. We are here to say that will not ever happen.

Until the remains of Ray Robinson are returned to the Robinson family and the Pictou family gets the apology and amends owed to them. For the suffering they have had to endure in not only losing their mother is such a horrible manner, but for the pain and suffering caused all of these years by AIM and their supporters, who have continued to smear Annie Mae and her daughters’ names. They are owed for the mental and emotional abuses they have suffered at the same hands. We will not forget and we will not be silenced-




Annie Mae Coming Home





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