New Video Emerges Of Black Cosplayer Running For His Life From Cops Who Then Shot And Killed Him

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(N.Morgan)  2 months after the shooting death of Darrien Hunt, a horrifying surveillance video has emerged showing the young man’s last moments alive. Hunt, 22, lived in Saratoga Springs Utah. The city’s population is 93% white and 0.5% black. The footage shows that he was dressed as a samurai. His family says he was carrying a non-sharp replica sword, and was an anime fan who was cosplaying as a samurai character from a popular anime series. The cops shot him 6 times in the back while he was fleeing for his life. The video contradicts earlier statements by police that Hunt swung the sword at the police officers before they began shooting him.








From an earlier Gawker report:


Hunt’s family disputes that he attacked the cops, and they say the 2 1/2-foot sword, which did not have a sharp edge, was bought at a gift shop and was purely decorative. Hunt, who left behind notebooks full of manga-style drawings, was wearing a red top and blue pants at the time of his death. He was apparently dressed as Mugen from Samurai Champloo.


Hunt’s family plans to file a lawsuit against the police department.






Drawings by Hunt depict what look like Japanese manga characters that Hunt was roleplaying. Photograph: The Hunt family.






Hunt was a dedicated fan of fantasy art and comic books. Photograph: Courtesy of Darrien Hunt family






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