1 Trillion Dollar Lawsuit Filed Against MSM For Staging Sandy Hook Massacre- It Was A FEMA Exercise!

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(N.Morgan) In another shocking twist in the Sandy Hook saga, Filmmaker and Author William Brandon Shanley Launches Wave of Lawsuits for more than $1 Trillion Against Big Media Over Sandy Hook Massacre Coverage. We may not be able to get them in the criminal court, but Civil court is an entirely different affair. There may finally be recourse for this False Flag Op that was pulled on this country.




Here is Mr. Shanley’s Statement:

“After exhaustive research, the good news is that overwhelming evidence reveals that no children or teachers died at Sandy Hook two years ago. For relief, I have filed lawsuits against the media in US District Court in New Haven for Fraud and Terrorism. Here is an example of our abundant evidence, Exhibit D: The Connecticut State Police dash cams record no evacuation of children from school at critical moments: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rqcaaE6aFX8 — Smoking Gun evidence no children died at Sandy Hook.”


Attached is a photo staged by the Newtown Bee, a wider view of that action being staged on a different day that the emergency altogether, and a sampling of front pages that terrorized the world with the fake photo.




Mr. Shanley is the producer of The Made-for-TV Election starring Martin Sheen that analyzed media coverage in the tectonic Carter-Reagan election of 1980. He is also the author of books on quantum physics, including Alice and the Quantum Cat (2011). Dr. James Fetzer, whose 35 articles on Sandy Hook for Veteran’s Today qualify him for the highest investigative journalism awards, and School Safety Consultant, Wolfgang Halbig, whose investigative expertise as a former Florida State Police officer, and loving attention as a former principal, makes this case’s particulars comprehensible to all, will be called as expert witnesses.



It is their scholarship and bravery that makes these Complaints possible for the shear breadth and scope and detail of evidence they have assembled. Hundreds of independent researchers have also made this day possible, and Mr. Shanley claims they will be tracked down and rewarded heartily for their bravery and mindfulness of America.




Mr. Shanley’s Complaint states, in part:



Defendants entered in a multi-year conspiracy, meeting in groups separately and together, to commit fraud and terrorism, i.e., to brainwash the public into thinking a lone gunman drill known as the “Sandy Hook Massacre” was real, when in fact it was a staged FEMA National Level Exercise Event that redirected government resources to terrorize the public. These crimes were undertaken with the intent of subverting the US Constitution and to affect national, state and local laws.  This fraud involved lying to the public, faking news, publishing one-sided news reports, censoring reality, suppressing facts, and deliberately skewing the news to shift public perceptions.


The true costs of this breach of integrity and trust to society are unfathomable. Instead of fulfilling their Constitutional Role as the People’s Surrogates and being honest brokers of information, the Plaintiff will show how the men and women who dominate the TV news industry in the United States broke laws, besmirched the First Amendment, their Constitutional role as government watchdogs, and forfeited the right to report the news, and thereby profit from news production and distribution. The sine qua non of journalism is the search for truth. Our Fourth Estate chose a different path. Punitive damages of one year’s annual revenue from each Defendant are being sought to establish a News Trust, that will free journalism and restore trust and integrity to our communications sources. A democracy cannot survive this tyranny over human consciousness.


The New York Times, the Associated Press, the Hartford Courant, and the Newtown Bee are being sued for 10 billion usd, punitive damages, in a separate Complaint.




Case Name:

Shanley v. Smith et al

Case Number:



William Brandon Shanley

Mass TV and wire service news media are being sued for 1 trillion usd, punitive damages.



Shanley v. O’Prey et al

Case Number:



William Brandon Shanley









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Denver’s Homeless Round-Up-FEMA Camps Hidden Behind Humanitarianism

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(N.Morgan) As I’ve discussed in previous articles, the homeless are being rounded up and put into “shelters”, AKA FEMA Camps, by a regime who believes it is in their best interests and the best interest of society as a whole. This twisted thinking has led to the tyranny of the already down trodden souls, to be forced into facilities against their wills.

It may seem that is a caring, almost saintly thing to do, but in reality, this is imprisoning people whose only crime is being poor and homeless.

Denver’s Road Home is misdirecting good intentions to round up vulnerable people in Denver. These new low income, transitional housing, vocational training and “behavioral” health programs are just nice words for internment camps for undesirables and rebellious free thinkers.










Previous Articles:


Anonymous – Homeless People Sent To FEMA Camps In USA


Utah FEMA Camps Secretly Exterminate Homeless


All Americans Must See- Govt Rounding Up The Homeless


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NY Cops Killed Execution Style Is A Hoax?

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(N.Morgan) The relations between the police and We The People has been rather shaky lately, in light of the police brutality we’ve seen in recent years. The deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner have fanned the flames of civil unrest.. Is it possible that the regime set up another False Flag in the execution of these 2 police officers in New York? The New York Police Department has declared “war” after two officers were killed Saturday in their squad car while taking part in an anti-terrorism drill by a gunmen said to be taking revenge for the death of Eric Garner.  The accused Ismaaiyl Brinsley, who reportedly took his own life after the killings, is said to be connected to the Black Guerilla Family prison gang, who police recently warned were gunning for police.






NYC protesters chant for dead cops



2 Police Officers Killed In Brooklyn NY ( NEW VIDEO ) Ambush



Two New York City police officers are shot and killed in a brazen ambush in Brooklyn



NYPD cops furious with Bill de Blasio turn their backs on the mayor as he enters hospital where officers died

Two NYPD officers ‘assassinated’ while sitting in patrol car in Brooklyn by gunman who boasted on Instagram about ‘revenge’ killing cops (GRAPHIC IMAGES)

Gunman executes 2 NYPD cops as ‘revenge’ for Garner



Letitia James, Al Sharpton Release Statements After Killing of NYPD Cops [Updated]



The Man Who Just Murdered Two Police Officers In Brooklyn Is A Muslim Jihadist (BE PREPARED FOR MORE MUSLIM VIOLENCE IN AMERICA)



URGENT: 2 NYPD Cops Shot Dead ‘Execution Style’ In Brooklyn


Ismaaiyl Brinsley Videos / Instagram Screenshot Bleaubarricuda King Ismaaiyl. Two NYPD Officers












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Former Cop Warns Current Cops About Violating Rights Of Protesters

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(N.Morgan) The current state of our country is brimming with civil unrest and protests. Our right to freedom of speech is quickly becoming obsolete. The Thought Police are in full force and tyranny is reigning supreme. In the video below, Wild Bill warns police officers about respecting the rights of the protesters and of the populace as a whole.





Bill says, “We are not your enemy, we are not criminals, we are not a gang, we are no threat to any law enforcement officer, and there is absolutely no reason for any law enforcement officer to be a threat to us.”


“We will be taking a stand against government officials violating the law. We may be holding signs along the roadway, we may picket towns and businesses that are pockets of political corruption. We may give speeches on the steps of city hall.


“All those things are protected under the First Amendment.”



The Founding father put these rights into place to avoid tyranny of the oppression of a dictatorship or monarchy.



Amendment I


Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.










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New Madrid Shakes On Anniversary Of Monstrous Murder

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(N.Morgan) The New Madrid Fault Line has been a major concern to seismologists and researchers alike. If one big quake were to occur, it could set off a chain reaction that could be devastating to the US. Some rather odd activity occurred there recently on a terrible anniversary. “The dismemberment of [Lilburn Lewis’ slave] George’s decapitated corpse was interrupted by the most powerful U.S. earthquake ever recorded, the Great New Madrid Earthquake, which struck at 3:15 a.m. Eastern time (2:15 a.m. in the Central Standard Time observed in the western Kentucky locale of the murder). Lilburn intended to destroy the evidence by having the slaves burn George’s dismembered body, but the New Madrid earthquake caused the chimney to collapse around the fire.”




A little earthquake shook the New Madrid, Missouri region today at three minutes ’til noon Central Standard Time, the epicenter is described here as “Lilbourn, Missouri”–





One person reported at the USGS website that the earthquake at noon today was felt–




Spelled differently, that name Lilbourn/Lilbourne/Lilburn/Lilburne figures prominently as the name of Thomas Jefferson’s nephew accused of murdering a teenage slave 203 years ago (29 times seven years) tonight, December 15-16, 2014.


The names Lilbourne and Lilburn are villages in England which will be where the surname comes from. The name means ‘stream where the lillies grow’.







“Lilbourn is a city in New Madrid County, Missouri, United States. The population was 1,190 at the 2010 census.”










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Putin Just Brought The Rothschilds To Their Knees

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(N.Morgan) Has Vladimir Putin managed to bring the Rothschild Dynasty to its knees? Has someone finally destroyed the monopoly known as the Rothschild Empire. In the video below, Lucia Costants explains just how Putin has destroyed the Power Elite.  The illuminated Cabal are desperate to start a world war, not only to white wash their scams worldwide so that Wall Street can keep the $40 trillion they have stolen.












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Another Unnecessary Death: Man Suffering Asthma Attack Dies 3 Miles From ER After Cops Pull Him Over

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(N.Morgan) This is one of those cases that makes me despise law enforcement officials for their absolute incompetence,when it comes to medical issues. 29 year old Casey Kressin is now dead, due to police officers not allowing the person he was riding with to get him to the hospital while he was having an asthma attack. The driver, Leah Hryniewicki was speeding and ran a red light trying to Kressin to the ER when she was pulled over by Chippewa Falls Police. Casey Kressin was a passenger in the vehicle that was pulled over Nov. 30 for speeding and running a red light. The video shows Kressin steps out of the car, waves at the officer and kneels on the pavement. The driver, Leah Hryniewicki, tells the officer Kressin can’t breathe because he’s having an asthma attack.

“He’s going to die! This has happened before,” she says. Hryniewicki also tells the officer Kressin has been using a nebulizer to breathe. One of the officers tells Hryniewicki he cannot administer medical treatment to Kressin. The video shows the ambulance arrives less than 6 minutes after the call was placed. Several minutes later, Kressin is on a stretcher and rushed to the hospital, where he later died.

Police Chief Wendy Stelter has said the officer responded to the situation correctly and made the right call by waiting for the ambulance rather than letting the driver continue to the hospital.


I beg to differ with Chief Stelter, this man’s death was completely unnecessary and could have been avoided if the situation had been handled appropriately. Mr. Kressin didn’t have to die. They were 3 miles from the hospital and with Asthma, time is of the essence. You only have minutes to get an attack under control and Mr. Kressin was forced to suffocate to death.








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We Will Not Forget


By Denise Pictou Maloney


Approx. 39 years ago today Annie Mae Pictou Aquash began her 48 hour death march. AIM members John Graham, Arlo Looking Cloud, and Theda Nelson Clark acting on AIM leadership orders bound and kidnapped Annie Mae from the house of Troy Lynn Yellowwood while Troy Lynn, Angie Janis and others looked on.






Words from the Editor and Owner of alternativenewstome



We stand in unity with the Pictou family and will continue to report and expose the crimes committed by the organization known as AIM – American Indian Movement. Denise, along with her sister Deborah, are fighting for justice for their mother, Annie Mae Pictou, who was murdered by the members of AIM, when they were children.

Annie was shot in the back of the head, execution style and left to die in the Bad Lands. Annie Mae was the light that NDN Country needed at the time, for dark forces were beginning to take hold of the communities.

Annie Mae was going to expose the head AIM members, of the time, for their various habits and practices, such as sex with very underage girls, drugs, domestic abuse of women and other acts of violence. These members are: Russell Means, Dennis Banks, Clyde Bellcourt, Vernon Bellcourt, Leonard Peltier, David Hill,John Graham, Arlo Looking Cloud, and Theda Nelson Clark etc.

When Annie Mae confronted the group about their misdeeds, she was then viewed as a problem to be disposed of.

The leaders of AIM then began to cause doubt about Mrs. Pictou amidst the community. They began to make others believe Annie Mae was a Fed or a snitch. Their objective was to make others no longer trust her. Mrs. Pictou has believed that the members of AIM were her friends and instead, they were her executioners and rapists.


We stand in complete solidarity in the pursuit for justice for Annie Mae Pictou Aquash and Ray Robinson, a disciple of Dr. Martin Luther King and who gave up his own struggles to help NDN country, at the height of the civil rights movement.


Mr. Robinson who should be valued as a hero among us, one to be admired for his commitment to social justice was instead treated like a dog by the very ones he was trying to help. The higher ups in AIM treated Ray the same way they were treated and fighting against, supposedly. Ray was also aware of the crimes the big boys in AIM had committed.


Mr. Robinson was shot in the legs and left to die in a closet, during the siege of Wounded Knee II. The location of his remains are still unknown and the ones who hold the knowledge to their whereabouts are Dennis Banks, Leonard Peltier, Clyde Bellcourt, and the rest of the now elderly AIM.

Mr. Robinson’s daughter and wife are waiting for him to be brought home and we will continue to help in the search for the location of his remains. So that they may be returned to his family for a proper burial.


We will not forget. It has been reported about the murmurs among the AIM supporters that these families should shut up and give up. Let it go, as it were. We are here to say that will not ever happen.

Until the remains of Ray Robinson are returned to the Robinson family and the Pictou family gets the apology and amends owed to them. For the suffering they have had to endure in not only losing their mother is such a horrible manner, but for the pain and suffering caused all of these years by AIM and their supporters, who have continued to smear Annie Mae and her daughters’ names. They are owed for the mental and emotional abuses they have suffered at the same hands. We will not forget and we will not be silenced-




Annie Mae Coming Home




Cop Who Punched Man, Tripped Pregnant Woman In Viral Video Gets Promoted

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(N.Morgan) The tyranny of our new times leaves a stain of corruption on our country’s history. Here’s another gem to add to the list, a cop who punches a man, then trips a pregnant woman, not only keeps his job, but somehow manages to get promoted! What happened to the Rules of Conduct among law enforcement? What happened to Protect and Serve? A Denver police officer filmed punching a drug suspect and shoving a pregnant woman to the ground belly first just received a promotion despite the shocking video (which the officers’ allegedly deleted yet was recovered through the cloud) going viral just two weeks ago.



From KDVR:



DENVER — Just one week after FOX31 Denver first aired a citizen’s videotape of a police officer punching a drug suspect in the face, then tripping his pregnant girlfriend, the Denver Police Department has given that same officer a promotion. Charles “Chris” Jones IV is one of five officers who received a raise and new sergeant stripes on Wednesday during a ceremony. The move has infuriated members of the Colorado Latino Forum, who say they shared a lengthy report with Denver Police commanders on that same day about the “ongoing culture of violence” within the department. “It’s outrageous!” says Latino Forum member Lisa Calderon. “This takes us backwards. We have little trust left. It tells us that they are not listening and at a time of national outcry, what does it take to get them to be responsive?” Both human resources records and Denver Police Commander, Matt Murray, confirmed the promotion to FOX31 Denver. Murray said “There would have been nothing to preclude anybody from being promoted in this situation. DPD does not have a specific policy regarding when we would or wouldn’t promote someone.”



The continued use of excessive force then destroying evidence of said excessive force does not preclude anyone from a promotion. The criminals are now running the asylum.









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The Head Of The FBI, (Dead), Says “Illuminati Controls Everything”

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(N.Morgan) Another FBI agent has come forward to confirm that the Illuminati and or whatever you choose to call them, run this world. This diabolical group has control over every major aspect of our world and each country. In the riveting video below, example after example are given to prove this organization exists and that they rule the world.










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