The Truth Isn’t Always Easy To Face..

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denise    By Denise Pictou Maloney  




Sometime the truth is just too much for some to accept, I understand that. Evolving sometimes involves living and thinking outside your comfort zone and yes even making the unpopular statements that few have the courage to say let alone think. I do not aspire to be any kind of trail blazer in an area we all should be quite familiar and ethically connected to. My only intention was to speak and share the truth, no matter how uncomfortable.

To protect our women, to protect my mothers legacy and memory . Aim members acting on leadership orders kidnapped, raped, beat, murdered and dumped one of their women (Annie Mae Pictou Aquash) in the badlands of South Dakota. They then lied and conspired along with the aim leadership which included at the time, Dennis Banks, Russell Means, Clyde and Vernon Bellecourt., David Hill, John Trudell, Leonard Peltier as head of security (and shoving guns in women’s mouths) and Leonard Crow Dog (as medicine man to the stars) who performed three days of ceremony to protect the murderers. They all then lied for 25 years to hide this fact blaming the feds and cowardly hiding behind a hundred years of colonization and oppression to hide their dirty little secret.

Their defense ? Bad jacket the family, call them feds, silence them by calling them liars. For decades I have spoken the raw truth , which more often fell on deaf ears of those too consumed with celebrity to give a shit, or who have just decided that our women no longer mattered. Come along Jian Ghomeshi and the web explodes in a very vocal public discussion that women have been living with in silence for centuries. It is all too convenient to click a like button and pledge your support to a cause and issue and not know a damn thing about the history and trauma suffered by those you pass by everyday. As the family of one of Canadas oldest ‪#‎MMIW‬ cases I have been delivered every level of silencing you can imagine over the last 20 years from attorneys threatening to sue if I did not shut up, to native celebrity (Wab Kinew) telling me I needed to get over the past and not hold those in the present responsible for what their families did in the past , and that it was absolutely ok to go Sundance with Leonard Crow Dog who supports the murderers of our women and campaign for MMIW. Not to mention the latest tirade of a confused woman who asked what did I know about AIM?

What kind of Native was I to dare to speak of such things. To dare to drag into the light the great warriors of yesteryear? What kind of Native am I ? I am the kind of Native that doesn’t shut up, who will continue to speak the truth and who will support and campaign for justice for our women and who will not cower to celebrity who supports our women killers and who has absolutely no problem calling out misogynists when I see them.

To the blAIM boy cult and their women supporters I have one thing to say….Bring it.




2 thoughts on “The Truth Isn’t Always Easy To Face..

  1. You are brave in your endeavor to see justice in your Mom’s murder…for the last seven years I have been so drawn to the cover up, to the cruelty, to the disrespect, that I died out there with her and cried with you and your sister many times…aho, sister, aho

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