I Escaped The Illuminati

Illuminati, Jesuits, Satanic Rituals, Satanism



(N.Morgan) Doc Marqui, a former Illuminati witch, discusses his brave escape from the diabolical grips of the Illuminati and satanism. Who is Doc Marqui? Doc Marquis was raised a child in the international occultist group know as the Illuminati and was involved in some of the most unspeakable acts known to mankind as a result of his generational involvement and membership. This limited description can, by no means, provide you with even a glimpse of the life this man has lived. For 20 years, he was trained as an Illuminist and attained the rank of Master Witch (3rd level).

As a result of God’s sovereignty and mercy, Doc, an Illuminati witch, became surrounded by caring Christians who presented him with the Gospel. Confronted by God’s Word and love, he opened his heart and mind. On April 15, 1979, Doc Marquis became a Born-Again Christian, forever severing his ties with the Illuminati. He now devotes his life to traveling across the country and using various public forums to expose the Illuminati and its long-kept-secret secrets, even at the threat of death, based on an oath he swore to the Illuminati.




He educates the public of and about the occult and this former Illuminati witch, or, a witch involved in the Illuminati, will provide all the answers to all of those novice witches and beginner wiccans and others involved in the occult realm, who really need to know the truth about the path they have chosen to follow.







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