Metalic, Square Chemtrail Object (UFO) (Video)

Chemtrails, Geoengineering, HAARP



(N.Morgan) In another amazing find, our friend Crrow777 has captured a floating, rectangular, object, emerging into a chemtrail. I’ve seen one of these in Pittsburgh, PA. last summer.This object has been driving me crazy, in the search to find any footage of the same thing I had seen and now we have it. The day of my sighting, it was above the city, not as high as Crrow777‘s capture and when I looked away, poof, it was gone. I regret not having a camera at the time of the sighting. It seemed no one else noticed that floating object right above their heads that day, except me.





Crrow777: The object in this clip was viewed with binoculars. It is metallic and square and looks much like the chemtrail orbs that have been filmed so often – but square. It is first square UFO I have ever seen or filmed. If you see chemplanes or chemtrails – FILM THEM! You are almost certainly going to get something interesting.










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