Sandy Hook Hoax Mass Evacuation Exposed: Sandy Hook-Proof Of Evidence Tampering – Based On Their Own Report (Video)

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(N.Morgan) In another sinister twist in the Sandy Hook Shooting Hoax saga, it is now clear that there was indeed evidence tampering and is admitted in their own report! With all the events going on in this world, how could anyone still be talking about Sandy Hook, you may ask? The “Sandy Hook Shooting” is a MAJOR issue of corruption that runs through a whole state’s police departments, its government, mainstream media, and also includes our federal government all the way up to our country’s Attorney General and 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.The event has brought in, to date, an estimated $100,000,000.00. Our government keeps pouring in our tax dollars, the latest was a federal grant from the DOJ given this spring of approximately 7-8 million, for families and first responders. We still see those parents and families of the slain in ads, being interviewed, giving speeches, and in the news touring the country and Capitol Hill pushing for donations and gun legislation.




No lawsuits, not a one, has been filed on behave of the people who lost their lives that day or the surviving victims. Never mind that normal disaster response protocols were not followed although the drills conducted by Homeland Security are going on regularly all over the country. That community had been involved with several drills practicing for just such an event, with one such drill being held in Newtown with the infamous fire station involved, just one to two years prior to December 14, 2012.





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The official report was finally released to the public domain in November 2013. Many researchers felt that they could finally get some of the many questions related to numerous aspects of this event answered. That didn’t happen. The investigative report included an 11,000 page data dump, the largest such data dump in US history, with no table of contents, no indexes, no references, nothing to help one go to a part of the report in this massive data to find answers.









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