The Light And The Darkness False Flag Meme Used Again In Houston (Video)

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(N.Morgan) In these sick productions we’ve come to know as False Flag ops, the actors always stick to the same script, always trying to find inspiration out of tragedy. When will these productions end? As I covered in my previous article, there were many things here that just didn’t add up. An ongoing theme among these events is that they are trying to evoke heavy feelings from us. They want to enrage us, sadden us, make us hurt over nothing. When researching these false flag events, and watching hours and hours of videos, it has become crystal clear that a few phrases are being used over and over again. One of these phrases or memes happens to be “The Light and the Darkness“. “The Light and the Darkness” before, but now, during this Houston false flag, it has come up again, so this video just basically points out how the “Light and Darkness” again are inserted into this false flag hoax. It appears this is part of the “revelation of the method” or some sort of important ritualistic element inserted into these false flags.


Unless “The Light and the Darkness” is spoken in word and print, the false flag isn’t complete, or doesn’t have the same power, or they would not continue to do this time after time. It’s amazing how obvious and predictable the memes used over and over again for these false flags have become- and I’m sure this won’t be the last time we hear about “The Light and the Darkness”. Also, it appears this terminology is so important that it was edited in order to get the quote right by one news agency, without disclosing the original audio had been edited.



This isn’t the first time “The Light and the Darkness” has been used, and most definitely will not be the last time (until these hoaxes are ended of course).








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