Dutch PM: ‘Disgusting’ Behavior At MH17 Crash Site (Video)

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(N.Morgan) In the midst of the investigation into the ill fated flight MH17, the treatment of the crash site and the bodies have left many to say it is a disgusting display of disrespect and no one is following the protocol of how to investigate and attend to the crash site. This crash is already cloaked in mystery and conspiracy, since it was a terror attack and no one has yet to claim any responsibility for it. Dutch prime minister Mark Rutte says he is “shocked by disrespectful behavior” of rebels picking through Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 wreckage and warns Russian President Vladimir Putin has one last chance to help rescuers recover the bodies of the victims of the crash.



Dutch prime minister Mark Rutte said he had an “extremely intense” telephone conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Saturday in which he urged him to “show the world that he is serious about his offer to help” in the investigation of the Ukraine air disaster. Mr Rutte told reporters on Saturday that he told Mr Putin he must use his influence over separatist rebels in Ukraine to ensure they do not hinder efforts to investigate the downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17. The plane crashed on Thursday, killing all 298 passengers and crew, most of them Dutch citizens.


Mr Rutte said he was “shocked by the images of utterly disrespectful behavior” of rebels picking through the wreckage and personal belongings of victims at the crash scene.







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