FEMA Camps To Pop-Up Up Like Wildflowers Nationwide Under New DoD Authorization

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(N.Morgan) The US Department of Defense in unison with the Department of Homeland Security are scouting locations for unused facilities such as massive airport hangers any other large structures that could be utilized for the huge influx of immigrants. Red flags were raised When FEMA set its sights on the vacant Sikorsky airport hangar in big flats to house thousands of undocumented immigrants from Central America. Ann Crook, manager of the Elmira Corning Regional Airport says turning the building into a processing center would be a breach in safety.


This sudden orchestrated influx of immigrants was no accident or coincidence, but a planned invasion to off kilter this nation. This could be the first shot at the beginning of imprisoning the citizens of this country, as well.























Elmira Airport hangar to be converted into a camp by FEMA under new DoD authorization (screenshot)







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