Warnings: Seattle Washington Magnolia: (Fort Lawton Base) FEMA Regime/ Martial Law! (Video)

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(N.Morgan) A warning to those in Seattle Washington: Martial Law is closer than you think. In the video below, Time-S goes through some very startling evidence she has collected and presents that substantiate this claim that the Fort Lawton Base will be the possible headquarters for the Martial Law regime. We are in dangerous times and this regime is coming after us either one by one or in massive groups. It is time to prepare, both mentally and physically for these possibilities. If you know anyone in this area, please warn them. The time is growing short and we are running out of time.



The corporation in charge of this operation is Kevcon Inc. Here’s the scoop on them: Kevcon, Inc. is a leading general contractor of Government projects throughout the United States. Our excellent reputation has made us a preferred choice for Federal, State and Local public agencies. By combining our expertise with a personalized approach, we deliver world-class solutions to projects of every size and level of complexity. Since our founding in 1988, our mission has been to provide our clients with superior construction and engineering services. Kevcon is committed to the highest standards of quality, strict safety guidelines, and superb customer service. Our focus on a client’s success is the cornerstone upon which we have built our reputation. We solve our client’s problems painlessly. We exceed our client’s expectations. This commitment to excellence is only matched by our commitment to delivering the highest value to our clients and to our nation.










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