`Dawn Blitz’ Military Drills In California, Preparing For Martial Law (Video)

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(N.Morgan) The Power Elite are working feverishly towards our enslavement. At this very moment they are preparing to put our country under Martial Law.  To train our own military to treat US like the enemy. To imprison us and keep us “safe”, while they are ruining our country and destroying the world.

In the video below, we get an inside look into the training for these operations, this one is called Dawn Blitz and was held in California. US Marine snipers are training their marksmanship together with Canadian snipers in New Zealand during the military exercise Dawn Blitz.














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2 thoughts on “`Dawn Blitz’ Military Drills In California, Preparing For Martial Law (Video)

  1. SDAT confirmed a ‘trade name’ is spelled using all UPPER CASE letters and is also a Business name.

    SDAT is responsible for sending Citizens information to other local government agencies.
    How your personal information appears to these agencies, will determine how they tax/bill you.

    What happens when the local government agencies receive information with our name recorded in UPPER CASE letters? On paper, we appear as a trade/Business, even if we do not own a Business and must labor for a living….we are taxed/billed as a Business that receives profit is taxed/billed.

    Businesses will pay taxes/fees from its profits.
    Employees that labor for living are paying the same fees, directly from labor.
    Having to use our labor to pay for what Businesses uses its profits to pay…turns our labor into “slave labor”.

    Trade/Business name example:
    *JOHN SMITH (capitalized) = on paper, identifies a Trade/Business name.
    *John Smith = on paper, identifies natural name.

    Burton’s Legal Thesaurus:
    CAPITALIZE–> Utilize for profit, manipulate, take advantage of.
    Utilize for profit = Incorporate for income.

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