Lady Bump – The Prostitutes Of Sandy Hook (Video)

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(N.Morgan) In a twist to the Sandy Hook hoax, we will now look at the women involved with this biggest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people, next to 9/11, of course. These ladies, who Stackpot refers to as prostitutes, is accurate. These “women” sold their souls for free houses and perhaps more starring roles in the government’s next production.


For those who keep telling me they know these “parents’ of Sandy Hook, please present me some evidence to prove this statement. I have yet to see anyone produce anything to help substantiate these claims to this massacre happening.



Stackpot:  It couldn’t be a hoax without the whores of Newtown showing up with their crocodile tears and lame ass stories. Most of the Shady Hook Hookers are a little long in the tooth, as prostitutes go, but a few of them are USDA Choice (oh yoohoo Ms Roig). Don’t worry about gender, we got both male and female whores in this little corner of hell. As for the kids, well, the poor little gippers are now screwed for life because of this, living a lie forever, so we’ll give them a pass. Apply double penalties for their birth parents, whomever they are.

I’ll recommend latrine duty in darkest corner of hell, graveyard shift of course. In the meantime, the disco ball is spinning and the fog machine is working overtime, so head on down to the nightmare on Dickenson Drive, or avenue or lane or wherever that ghost of a prop school was located. Angel Flights are mandatory for the boys and Dittos for the girls. Turn up the music and get your dancing shoes on, because its time to boogie, On second thought, I’ll recommend track shoes or maybe a donkey ride to South America for all you middle aged prostitutes of Sandy Hook.










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