“Down The Rabbit Hole”: FEMA Camps To Sandy Hook Old HWY 6 & US History (Shocking Video)

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(N.Morgan) In a shocking discovery, dragonfly111cute has found out that when you Google underground bases, Sandy Hook comes up listed as one of the underground sites!! In this startling revelation it appears that there’s an even more monstrous side to the Sandy Hook issue. This mystery has just deepen and become far more sinister than I think any of us realized. This changes the ballgame.


To see the map for yourself please go HERE




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dragonfly111cute: I started off January 21, 2014 just following link after link all because I saw a comment someplace I don’t remember regarding underground FEMA Camps….So I put them into GOOGLE MAPS and it sure took me to unexpected places like Sandy Hook! anyway after I made this I lost all the information and links so please try and pause it if there is something further you would like to check out yourself.







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