Monarch Mind Control: Suspect In Kansas City Shooting Spree Was A Major FBI Informant In The 1980s (Video)

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(N.Morgan) The shooting rampage that took place in Overland Park KS at the Jewish center, was done by someone who was a major FBI asset in the ’80’s! Now that certainly puts a new spin on this mass shooting, doesn’t it? was Glenn Miller a victim of Monarch Mind Control? Did the Powers That be program Mr. Miller to go off at just the right time? In 1979, members of a violent Marxist group attacked members of American Nazi Party in Greensboro, NC. Several members of the Marxist group ended up dead, and a jury acquitted the shooters, because it was self-defense. It was revealed that a key person to set the stage for the violence confrontation was a paid FBI asset. The entire event appears to have been an FBI plot that backfired.




However, FBI shenanigans do not stop there. Paid FBI assets, as well as full fledged FBI agents were directly involved in a large percentage of all the KKK murders. In 1965, members of the KKK shot and killed Viola Liuzzo. One of the actual shooters was a paid FBI informant. In 1978, a paid FBI asset, who provided information on the KKK, announced to the media that he killed a man in 1963. He said the FBI covered up the killing and protected him.




This has continued. For years, Hal Turner had an online radio show where he encouraged people on the far-right to commit violence. The FBI now admits that he was a paid asset. The FBI had assets monitoring and shadowing Timothy McVeigh, but did not stop the bombing. It is theorized that the Sihk Temple Spree killer from 2012 was an FBI asset as well.


The FBI has played a leading role in “far-right” violence since the 1960s. History shows that the FBI is an incubator of political violence, not the safe guard it is supposed to be. So it is not a surprise that the latest “white supremacist” spree killer in Kansas City has deep connections to the FBI. He spent years providing information to the FBI and testifying against members of the “The Order” and the Christian Identity (An American version of British Israelism) movement.







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