If Feds Take Your Cattle & Property, You Become Cattle (Video)

Agenda 21, Corrupt Politicians, Politics, Tyranny



(N.Morgan) As the standoff in Arizona escalates, it brings to the forefront our true positions in this country, with the authorities and the leaders. The politicians have come to believe they are above the law in every way and now all bets are off and they can take our land, our property, our lives.

This standoff is a reminder of how our country began and what we need to do now to save it. Tyranny is never brightly colored and the tone of happiness; it is oppression, slavery, and despair.  Will you allow the govt to come in and take your children, you family, you possessions?




What would you do, if you are put into the same situation as the Bundys? Will you fight or simply allow the Powers That be take everything you own?









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