Shocking Robbie Parker’s 911 Call From Sandy Hook. (Stunning Video)

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(N.Morgan) Another piece in the twisted tale of Sandy Hook has been released, a very odd 911 call, that went completely ignored, for some time. Take a moment to listen to the call, it is very strange and frankly, I think another acting job on Mr. Parker’s. There was one 911 call that was basically ignored. The caller was not asked his name and has yet to be identified. The 911 call was from a man, (Robbie Parker) who was at the front of the school with a daughter inside. It sure sounds like Robbie Parker but even if you doubt it was him, who was it? A smoking gun for the Sandy Hook Hoax.


The only conclusion one can come to about this call, was it was faked and the 911 operator KNEW who it was and what was going on, hence, the basic questions weren’t asked and the called was conveniently not logged.






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