Daring North Pole Parachuting: Russian Paratroopers Land On Drifting Ices In Drills (Awesome Video)




(N.Morgan) For the first time ever, Russia’s Airborne Troops have parachute-landed on drifting ice flows in the Arctic Ocean near the North Pole in a daredevil training search-and-rescue operation. Over 50 troops landed from the Ilyushin-76 aircraft near the Russian drifting polar station at Barneo, said the spokesman for the Airborne Troops, Colonel Yevgeny Meshkov.



According to RT: The troops were carrying out a training mission to rescue a polar expedition in distress in extreme weather conditions, with the help of the Expedition Center of the Russian Geographical Society. The troops are to set up camp in the harsh polar conditions. Knives and rifles will protect them against wild animals. The men will have to face many dangers, from encountering a hungry polar bear to the possibility of being killed by the treacherous Arctic ice flows, which are constantly moving.









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