Chemical Rape And Genocide In Gulf Coast By BP Oil Spill Socialists Like Obama (Video)

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(N.Morgan) In the chaos of everything else going on in this country and the world, it seems many people have forgotten about the BP’s Gulf Oil Spill. They have forgotten the absolute travesty of that spill and how badly it has been handled since. Everyone except those who are suffering the physically debilitating side effects from the chemical the Gulf was doused with, to “clean up” the oil spill. Genocide is one way to ensure mass deaths of a population. The Corexit that was dispersed to clean up the oil has made the people there very ill and in some cases, it has been fatal.




Corexit (often styled COREXIT) is a product line of oil dispersants used to dissolve oil spills. It is produced by Nalco Holding Company, which merged with Ecolab in 2011 and is associated with BP and Exxon.Oil that would normally rise to the surface of the water is emulsified into tiny droplets by the dispersant, in theory causing it to be more rapidly degraded by bacteria (bio-remediation) and preventing it from accumulating on beaches and marshes, where it is more difficult to remove. Previous studies have found that this increases the rate at which the oil is degraded by naturally occurring microbes.


I’ve always found it odd that Corexit is dispersed in the same way as Chemtrails. An interesting correlation.








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