Unmasking Paganism In The Church (Video)

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(N.Morgan) Evil pervaded the churches even before Jesus Christ was born. Kenites (Sons of Cain-Satan) took over priestly duties over a slow, period of time, until they were running the churches.  The Kenite’s are recorded in the King James Bible.  We will point out not only who they are, but when they came into being.  How they work, and why they are allowed to do what they are doing in these end times.  This material is for those who are searching for truth therefore we will attempt to clarify any misunderstanding people may have in regard to what the Original Massoretic Text has reviled. Our news Medias are telling us that our American factories have moved over seas to use slave labor in foreign countries. Our press is used to promote the One World Order, our Churches are members of the One World Churches; our Political System is changing laws daily to provide the four hidden dynasties with their power to take control.  These new Kenite Laws are designed to destroy our Constitution and the foundation of our nation that was founded upon the Laws of God.  We’re rapidly merging into the Laws of the Talmud.

Just as they were doing the books for the various govts they infiltrated. Evil has a way of slowly getting into the high places in our society.

In the video below, Aaron David has made a comment on The Occult in Christian Music: I make music. I’m almost 50. My life was steeped in the occult. I could mesmerize an audie. Pastor Isaac Gutierrez has been speaking out on paganism for 14 years. Paganism may be masked, but present, even in your church.









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