(MAKE VIRAL!!!) FEMA Sends Me A Blue Letter Then A Red Letter So I Call Them Ask Them Why The NWO Is Here!! (Video)

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(N.Morgan) There’s been a lot of debate about the Red stickers and Blue stickers on mailboxes. I’ve never seen any of these stickers or markings on mailboxes, but in the video below, Jay Duncan claims he received a “blue” letter then a “red” letter. Letters that seem very interested in this man’s flood insurance. Another interesting tid bit- FEMA basically runs all insurance, even if it is through a private provider. All insurances go back to FEMA!!!

He brazenly calls FEMA to try to figure out why they are worrying about his flood insurance.The interesting thing about is letters are that they are from FEMA.  Take the time to watch his video and see what you think.





FEMA’s Red List Arrests may have started.

THE RED LIST – FEMA’s Priority Red List Arrest Plans:








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