World War 3 Illuminati – Did Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 Land In Andaman Islands (Video)

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(N.Morgan) The mysterious disappearance of flight MH 370 is becoming darker and more strange. Now the authorities are claiming they were able to pick up a ping and are feverishly trying to track that ping. I think most of us that are awake see this as more distraction and double talk. The authorities are also claiming that the battery in the black box will run out today, so they must hurry to find it.

This plane was diverted and taken to another location. Why? What or who was on that plane that made it necessary to highjack it and the passengers aboard? I wrote an article about how there were some patent holders, who were in business with the Rothschilds, but I later found out 5 of those patent holders were NOT on board.  Mainstream media is already crying terrorism without any evidence. Let’s look at the the Illuminati, N.W.O, Dark Cabal links to the tragedy.









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