Pinkerton Another Jesuit Masonic Precursor To FEMA (Video)

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(N.Morgan) As the Power Elite are solidifying their plans and schemes against the world, the Jesuit Masons are in the game as well, readying us for the FEMA Camps, we’ve seen so many reports about. Each sector of these dark forces have their roles to play and they are playing them balls out. Be ready.




Video from the “corruptible” Pinkerton. (References)

IHS (Jesuit) Freemason Allan Pinkerton (Hidden Hand of Freemasonry)

Many labor sympathizers accused the Pinkertons of inciting riots in order to discredit unions and justify police crackdowns.

Knights of the Golden Circle – 1860 Election & Assassination of Abraham Lincoln


Jesuit Vatican – DHS

IHS Vatican NWO

Ludlow Masscre – Pinkerton Agents







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