It’s Going Down: U.S. Warship Crossing Into Black Sea (Video)

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(N.Morgan) As the tensions between the US and Russia intensify, the US has sent a warship to the Black Sea. The US Navy has confirmed that a missile guided destroyer,the USS Truxtun, is heading to the Black Sea, for what the US military said is a routine deployment.

This is a move that could be taken as aggression by Putin, if he so chooses. Is Obama now trying to “ball Up” and act like he will call war, if Putin doesn’t start towing the line, as it were? Or is it more fluff and BS to shuck and jive Russia?











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4 thoughts on “It’s Going Down: U.S. Warship Crossing Into Black Sea (Video)

      1. Putin can do more damage without warfare, with economic sanctions of his own. Notice how Germany suddenly realized the position of US emergency reserves if released, will only go to late August or early September, and Europe will right about then feel the onset of winter on its way. No home heating, and no motor vehicles operating. It has made the UK start to think, and Cameron wishes alternatives to any direct action. Only Obama, want war, as corporations make money. It would require a military draft to return, men and women, but, the ages of 16 through 50.
        Obama might try something out of cowardice where he has Kerry build things up to a military strike, so Obama can run like a little girl, and say, “Don’t blame me…”

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