Family Terrorized By Taser-Wielding, Tire-Slashing Border Agents (Video)

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(N.Morgan) An Arizona mom claims while she was driving her children home on a dirt road, she was accosted by Border Patrol agents, who threatened her with weapons, forcibly searched her, then slashed her tires and left her stranded on the dirt road. Ms. Christiansen was then approached by one of the agents, as she sat parked in the driver’s seat with her children strapped in the back seat.  The agent began to question her.  First she was asked if she was a U.S. citizen.  She responded affirmatively, “Yes. Is there a problem?”





The agent peered into her windows and observed her children strapped helplessly in the back seat.  The agent then requested that she exit her vehicle so that he could search it, according to the account provided in an ACLU document.  Christiansen declined, saying she did not consent to searches.  She requested to know why she was stopped.  The agent refused to tell her, and kept demanding that she exit.  As the two went back and forth, the agent became “clearly agitated” at her exercising her rights. “You’re not going anywhere….This one’s being difficult. Get the Taser.”

  “Three agent men against one woman with her two children in the middle of the desert, where nobody’s around, they could have done anything to me and my kids. Ms. Christiansen then stated that if there was no reason for stopping her that she would be on her way.  She began to put her vehicle in gear. The agent stopped her.  “Whoa, whoa, whoa. You’re not going nowhere,” the agent said according to Christiansen.  He told the other 2 agents, “This one’s being difficult. Get the Taser.” Ms. Christiansen had no choice but to exit the vehicle.  The agents made her show them her papers and ran checks on her.  The entire stop dragged on for 35 minutes.  Then, without saying a word, the agents left. When Christiansen tried to drive away, she noticed that one of her tires had been sliced open along the firewall.  Her family was left stranded in the desert.  “They slashed my tire,” she said.








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