Illuminati NWO Nazi UFO Alien Invasion Conspiracy NASA UFO Moon Coverup (Video)

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(N.Morgan) Of all the conspiracies floating around out there, this one has to be one of the most interesting and intrigue. A look at the UFO like space craft designed by the Nazis. Have you ever wondered if any Nazi’s survived WWII? Did Hitler escape with the others involved? Did UFOs come and take them to a secret location, far, far away? The video below gives an very interesting look into these questions and many more.











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3 thoughts on “Illuminati NWO Nazi UFO Alien Invasion Conspiracy NASA UFO Moon Coverup (Video)

  1. Nancy: I found this, and it turns out there was a hoaxster involved. But keep my words in mind because there has been research and development for over 70 years, and I was being hired to interview and investigate incidents of sightings when the Government ended the program. Of two incidents that happened, one really was national security, a B2 before it was released, the other remains a mystery. The three separate people that I had interviewed non-related incidents turned out all, to have issues.

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