More Creepy Acting From Sandy Hook Hoax Celebrating One Year Of World Deceit (Video)

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(N.Morgan) In this most horrific nightmare of False Flags, yet another disturbing and creepy element has come to light. In the video below, Jimmy Greene, who “lost” his daughter in the Sandy Hook Charade, writes this odd letter to himself. Another piece of this acting puzzle. The propaganda will really be out in full force for this anniversary of the biggest con ever. With this new video, which was broadcast on CBS This Morning today, saxophonist Jimmy Greene may well move you to tears, if you need a reminder or not.




The propaganda to disarm us: Vijay Iyer In the year since the Newtown elementary school massacre, over 11,000 people were killed by guns in America and 109 new gun laws passed. Only 39 of them made it harder for dangerous people to get guns. Please take a moment in silence to remember the children we lost a year ago today. But after, let’s raise our voices. We need common sense gun laws now. Take action at the link below. No More Silence









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