Chemtrails – Tail Sprayers Proof- No Debunking The Facts! (Video)




(N.Morgan) In the video below is presented by ChemTrailsMN, and the footage is from Stomy13Wizard13, is a great example of the chemtrail controversy. The Power Elite have tried make chemtrails seem like a normal, everyday occurrence, which is false. We can see them being sprayed out of the planes, yet, they try to say they are high, thin Cirrus clouds! My response to the cloud comment has always been, then why did I see it coming out of that plane? Chemtrails are no conspiracy, but a hard, cold, scientific fact. A fierce weapon in the Weather Wars and the war on our food supply.



Chemtrails also serve the purpose of population control. From the food we eat, to the air we breathe, they effect everything. Which brings us to the point of overpopulation. If the world’s population is indeed to be reduced as drastically as demanded by the World Health Organization and the World Wildlife Fund among many, people need to die, not just stop reproducing. Supposedly, chemtrails are an effort to accomplish this.


Single agent spraying, whereby what’s being applied now to the population will eventually kill them, is unlikely. Right now, people are recovering from chemtrail induced sickness. If single agent spraying were indeed the method, more people would be dead by now. And even with an agent possessing delayed lethality, the variability in immune responses among affected persons would result in some dying prematurely.  Since chemtrail related deaths have been extremely low, the possibility of chemtrails containing delayed single agents is equally low. Double agent spraying is another possibility. One benign agent is applied now, and its combination with an activator in the future would turn it lethal. The activator can be anything from another biological or chemical substances to electromagnetic fields such as those potentially generated by HAARP.


The electromagnetic method is pure speculation and thus considered unlikely. Applying the activator agent would result only in the deaths of those affected by the benign agent. This is a lot of work, hassle, and most of all risk compared to just applying a single agent at that time and skipping ever having to deal with a benign agent. Why do double agent spraying and take the risk with visible chemtrails and whistle blowers now, when you can keep everything clandestine until that final day when you apply a lethal single application? Double agent spraying is obviously not the method employed. Since single agent spraying has been discounted above, the “population control” theory does not hold. With these major chemtrail theories discounted, a new theory is required to fit the data.



There are three pieces,


  1. chemtrails

  2. gene therapy

  3. mass human mutation,







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