Nuke 8 Million Russians In Ukraine: Tymoshenko (Shocking Video)

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(N.Morgan) In a slew of recent phone leaks that came out with Victoria Nuland’s famous F-bomb we knew the Russian security people must be sitting on a mountain of them, and how interesting things could get if they released one a week. Tymoshenko’s people first claimed the call intercept was faked. However, later on her Twitter, she admitted the calls were real. Apparently she and others want to disarm the Ukraine and maybe even nuke the country.




The pretty blond lady wants to kill, and she seems to have a big appetite. My editorial line early on in this Ukraine madness was a dual track one. First, American leaders don’t seem to be able to learn from past mistakes over fear of being held responsible and having to resign. Taking responsibility does not exist anymore. Our elitists don’t really care what we think. That makes them very dangerous…really the biggest threat that we have.

Besides wanting to shoot Putin in the head with a machine-gun, ‘Madam Ethnic Cleansing’ spilled the beans on Ukraine’s nuclear weapons they are not supposed to have. NATO, the EU and the US can claim all they want that they did not know, but no one will believe them. That means the West and Ukraine breached the separation agreement with Russia when they signed it because they had no intentions of abiding by it.

Will our Congress, who has been acting like a bunch of sleeping walking Zionistas, take the helm at calming things down? They already seem hell bent on killing the Iranian nuclear talks, the stupid Senate Dems teaming up with the Republicans to get their share of the Jewish Lobby campaign money for the fall elections. After all, their top priority is maintaining their positions, something they used to deride the old Soviets for.



Yulia Tymoshenko


Yulia Tymoshenko



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