The Horrifying Truth: Before & After Police Brutality (Shocking Video)

Police Brutality, Police State, Politics

(N.Morgan) The video below is an excellent example of why the police in our country are completely out of hand! They brutalize anyone who have they deemed any sort of threat. Deaf, people, disabled people, the elderly. It is a never ending barrage of violence, leaving, in some cases, permanently injuries victims. This is why it is so important to have a camera on you at all times. It is a  lot easier now with the phones that have cameras in them. Hopefully, these thugs in Blue will be appropriately punished for these despicable crimes against one of our own citizens.


This brave man filmed police committing crimes against the people. The cops beat him so bad that he died on the operating room table. He was pronounced dead at 2:40 PM and at  2:55 PM just sprang back to life by a miracle. The police destroyed the guys device thinking the evidence of their crimes went with it. Somehow the guy’s brother-in-law extracted the videos from the broken device and published them to YouTube.



When the guy got home from the hospital police beat on his door warning him to remove the videos from YouTube; or else.The next day SWAT gathered in force outside his home. Using another device his wife left him he began to stream the ordeal live to Youtube. SWAT broke into his home without a warrant & machine guns all in his face. The poor guy has Staples all over his body from the original beating by cops. SWAT kidnapped the guy and for 2 weeks he was held with no charges and was  tortured.











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