CIA Orchestrating Breakup Scenario Of Sovereign Countries (Video)

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(N.Morgan) The CIA has been orchestrating a scenario of breaking up sovereign countries into smaller states, a analyst from PressTV says. The policy is mini states, failed states, macro states, partitioned studies and so forth,” said Dr. Webster Griffin Tarpley in a Saturday interview with Press TV. To break up these countries into smaller states would sure make it easier to control them, wouldn’t it? The CIA could then enslave smaller countries, in a greater number.




He pointed to Yugoslavia, Sudan, Iraq, and Libya as some targets of the US disintegration agenda. Tarpley also commented on a recent online poll about splitting Venice and its surrounding region from the rest of Italy.

The poll was “publicity stunt” and “discredited initiative” by a group of right wing activists, including the Northern League, he stated. “Whatever claims they make about the number of votes in the outcome… they have no legal values and they are also not being guaranteed by any particular institution.” More than two million residents of Venice and its surrounding region have participated in the week-long survey, with 89 percent voting in favor of secession from Italy. The online vote, organized by local pro-independence parties, is not legally binding but is only meant to muster support for a bill calling for a referendum.

The Indipendenza Veneta party, which backs the bill, says the separatist campaign is driven by the Italian government’s alleged inability to stem corruption, protect Venice’s citizens from a debilitating recession and control wastewater in poor areas in the south. Supporters say the new Republic of Veneto would be inspired by the ancient Venetian Republic, which existed from the seventh century until its fall to Napoleon in 1797.









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