America Police State, USA Liberty Or Tyranny Southgate MI Police (Video)

Corrupt Politicians, Govt Round Ups, Police Brutality, Police State, Politics, Prison Society

(N.Morgan) The police in this country have become a militarized force, used to torment, harass and intimidate the citizenry. The police of yesterday, who swore to serve and protect, are long gone and have been replaced with psychopathic abusers and rapists. The video below gives instances of these abuses in Southgate Michigan.

The one bit of advice I give everyone is to always, always, take a camera with you. You really never know when you may have to film some injustice or abuse the police are committing against one of our own, or worse, yourself. It is our one means of protection in the courts and our one way to get justice when we have been wronged by the authorities.










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