New Light Powered By Gravity Alone – Could Revolutionize Lighting For Millions! (Video)

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(N.Morgan) This amazing invention makes it possible to make light, by hanging a bag of gravel or sand and gravity does the rest. Power is generated as the bag falls slowly to the ground and the rate is adjustable depending on your power requirement. This is a wonderful innovation for those who live in the rural parts of Africa off the grid. I was also thinking in a survival situation, this could be a real gem!  GravityLight is a new invention that could be especially life saving for the 1.5 billion people in the world who live off the grid with no electricity. It’s much cheaper than using kerosene, even cheaper than solar – and you don’t have the problem of storing the solar power with a battery for night time use. Kerosene costs can eat up 20% of a households income.

This lamp will cost below $10 and after 3 months, will have paid for itself and save the owner from spending on any kerosene, which is also dangerous and unhealthy to breathe in.






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