What DHS FEMA Camps Will Look Like…

2nd Amendment

(N.Morgan) Connecticut has been forcing gun registration and the photo below say it all. Bread lines will probably look similar to this.

Our right to keep and bear arms is being taken from us, but only if we allow it to happen.  Residents of Connecticut and others states need to tell the Feds F -YOU.

We will not register our property for you to track and eventually confiscate.  These registrations are exactly for that purpose, to see who is armed and who isn’t, for the planned take over.



Photo credit: George Roelofson/WTNH.

This country is turning into Nazi Germany more and more and it is becoming an unrecognizable entity, full of tyranny and abuses of the people. Will we allow our country to continue down this road? Will you give up any more of your rights, to this tyrannical regime or will you fight this?



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